maxime Girardin

Inconnu 1 - 2017 - Backlight printing- 13 x17cm

Inconnu 2 - 2017 - Backlight printing - 13 x17cm

Inconnu 3 - 2017 - Backlight printing - 13 x17cm

Inconnu 4 - 2017 - Backlight printing - 13 x17cm

Four shapes/ one leaf - 2016 - pot de fleur rue Royer Collard - 13 x17cm

Research into the abundant autumn vegetation, dead, dry and wandering, dotting our streets. The dead leaf, still untouched by any kind of treading, takes on, in the shrinkage caused by the drought, the curves of a float where the material swells in its last breath like a Medusian drape. The darkness awakens all the suggestiveness of an abyssal apparition, of those mysterious organisms that vanish as soon as they are revealed.

Mounted on backlit frame.
The backlight reveals the image, the light intensity is variable like a gentle beat. Battery or mains operated.
Arduino microcontroller with immobility sensor

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